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"Thank you soooo much!!!!

I just got your email and watched the video and it's amazing!!

Thank you for all your hard work!"

Stephanie and Ryan

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"Thank you so much for making our highlight video so amazing!

We really think you captured a lot of the special moments. And thank you as well for the additional min of footage, we think it made a huge difference.

We look forward to the seeing full DVD's!

Thank you for an amazing job!"

Sarah and Robert

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"The wedding video was absolutely AMAZING! Breathtakingly beautiful. We cried again!!! We're so happy, and I'm so picky... which means your work is that much more incredible.

You did such a great job! We noticed all of the details... how the music went perfectly with some of the shots (mountains, valley, kiss, and even some of the images changing to the beats of the Beyonce song).

You captured the special moments and spirit of our whole wedding day. And what great use of natural sound. I love the way you worked in our toasts, vows, fun little giggles and excitement... all FANTASTIC!!!

We can't thank you enough!

I love the angle during the ceremony on the ground, and the rose petals move with the wind. The courtyard sequence from day to night is really cool too!

The pace and flow felt PERFECT to us!" 

Stacey and Todd

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"We LOVE LOVE LOVE our wedding highlight video! The first night we got it we watched it 3 times in a row and we both cried!!! It is absolutely amazing!

We have sent it out to our friends and family and we have been getting the same reactions from them all--they all love it and most have also cried when they watched it as well as replayed it multiple times!

We can't thank you enough for everything--you truly were able to catch all the magic of that day.

There's nothing I would change!

Thank you so much and we will be referring you to everyone we know!! I do hope our paths cross again in the future! "

Karla and Ryan

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We offer a wedding highlight so emotionally charged and full of excitement that
yourself, family, friends, and even strangers will smile and cry while watching.
Don't settle for less, you'll have this the rest of your life.

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Shoot Me Films


"I am so in love with our wedding video!! Thank you SO much for making it so very special!  I can't stop watching it!  You guys really did an amazing job...we will cherish this for the rest of our lives.  Thank you again so much for everything!  We're glad we chose you as our Arizona wedding videographer!" 
Jennifer and Taylor

"I can't begin to tell you how much we absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE our Phoenix wedding videography choice. FANTASTIC.  Beyond words.  I have watched our wedding video at least 8 times today… Our friends and family are super impressed with your work... Thank you so so so much for putting such amazing talent to work." 
Deb and John

"Thank you so much for making our wedding video so amazing!  We really think you captured a lot of the special moments at our Scottsdale wedding in AZ.  And thank you as well for the additional minute of footage in the wedding highlight, we think it made a huge difference. Thank you again for your wedding videography service."
Sarah and Robert

"We can't thank you enough for being our Phoenix wedding videographer. You are soooo talented!!! We're so glad that we decided to get a video of our wedding and even more glad we decided to go with you guys in Phx out of all the choices! THANK YOU! "
Joseph and Yajaira

Wedding Videography

Discover the best in wedding videography! With our productions, you will relive the array of emotions and even discover things you've missed. We began in 2005 and have refined our skills so much that we provide better videos than our competitors with only one videographer present. The biggest complaint we hear from venues and photographers is the traffic jam created by too many shooters.

Wedding Video Extra Features

Come watch how extra features can compliment your wedding video. You will find the romance in how couples fall in love and what makes them unique in our love stories. We are confident you will love our quality of our music video, love stories, wedding trailers, and credit reel samples. We specialize in short wedding highlights and extra features that will impress all your friends and family.

Wedding Videography Packages

Browse through our packages, The Director's Cut, Theatrical Version, and Short Film, to find a fit that's right for you. Not quite what you need? We have an array of custom packages to get it just right!

Wedding Planning

Looking for other vendors besides wedding videography in the Phoenix area to make your wedding day perfect? Here's a list of companies we have found to be top quality. We have experience with over hundreds of wedding vendors in Scottsdale and Phoenix and are happy to share our experience working with them.

Who We Are

Come meet the owners! Nathan and Lucinda Foster have been married since 2001 and believe 100% in wedding videography. We've enjoyed watching our wedding video every year during our anniversary... and it was made by Shoot Me Films! We even have some photos and videos of our small family for you to enjoy getting to know us.